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Welcome Home to Yourself. We are more than a yoga studio; Mytree is a community of people supporting each other in taking good care of ourselves, each other and our world. Find us at

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Online Classes

4-week Online Yoga Package with Courtenay - CHF 108
4 Live Classes (75 minutes)
4 Recorded Classes (60-75 minutes)
4 Recorded Classes (30-45 minutes)
Hatha Flow with Courtenay (Zoom) - CHF 15
Expect inspired themes and refined alignment in a nurturing environment in which students are encouraged to adapt the postures to honor their individual needs and evolve their practice.
Hatha Yoga with Amy (Zoom) - CHF 15
Open up, strengthen, align and calm your whole system with asana, pranayama, and meditation. Special attention is paid towards alignment and the breath, supporting the student in their journey of discovery into the subtle layers of the body, mind, and spirit.

Live Classes

Hatha Flow with Courtenay - CHF 25
Expect inspired themes and refined alignment in a nurturing environment in which students are encouraged to adapt the postures to honor their individual needs and evolve their practice.
Innerwalk + Yoga Session - CHF 35
Transformational “In & Out” Yoga + walking guided excursion in some of the best natural places in Ticino. Following the live class through RF Headphones keeps you connected to your practice while sharing an unforgettable experience in nature with like-minded people.
Yoga in the Mytree Secret Garden - CHF 25
Yoga in the grass in a secret garden, just steps away from the studio! Meet at Mytree 5 minutes before class. Bring your own mat or rent one of ours for 2 -fr.
Stand Up Paddle Yoga with Courtenay - CHF 25
Full Moon SUP Yoga - CHF 35
Paddle out for magic moments under the full moon on the lake. Gather on land for an aperitivo after the session to complete an unforgettable evening! Bring your own board or you can rent one for 15 -fr.


Detox + Reset Mentorship - CHF 125
With personalized support tailored to your Ayurvedic constitution, lifestyle, intention and wellness goals, the Detox + Reset Mentorship with Courtenay is a chance to get back into the flow of life.

Ayurveda for Every Body

Ayurveda for Every Body Full Series - CHF 160
Ayurveda for Every Body Intro Session - CHF 35
Doshas + Daily Rhythms - CHF 35
Fall Cleansing + Seasonal Cycles - CHF 35
Living By Lunar Time - CHF 35
Rituals + Recipes for Recovery - CHF 35
Ayurveda and Essential Oils Full Series - CHF 125
Known as the "sister science" to Yoga, Ayurveda emphasizes balance and harmony and empowers the individual with simple practices for self-care. Each session incorporates these ancient and effective principles and practices into your everyday life to elevate every aspect of wellbeing. With each session you will receive a downloadable pdf featuring detailed information about the topic and links to relevant resources to further your study. The live Zoom sessions are also recorded in case you are unable to join or want to review it later.
Introduction to Essential Oils and Ayurveda - CHF 30
In this introductory session to essential oils and Ayurveda, we learn the basics of essential oils including safe and effective usage, sourcing and blending and review and the foundations of Ayurveda, including an Ayurvedic approach to using essential oils.
November 18
Essential Oils for Every Day - CHF 30
According to Ayurveda, the five elements are present in everything in nature, including essential oils. Discover how to work with the elements and essential oils in developing daily habits for a balanced life.
Essential Oils for All Seasons - CHF 30
Just like we adapt our food, clothes, and routines to the changing seasons, we can shift which essential oils we use and how we use them to support a healthy body, mind, and environment.
Your Essential, Essential Oils - CHF 30
Understanding your individual constitution, how the elements uniquely combine in your body/mind, is key to living a vibrant, balanced, and joyful life . Learn which essential oils will best support your individual constitution as well as strategies for using them to maintain optimal health throughout the stages of your life.
The Essential Ayurvedic Kitchen, Holiday Edition - CHF 30
Ayurveda understands that good health begins with good digestion which starts with the food you eat. Cooking with essential oils expands both the flavor and the health benefits of your meals. Introduce new recipes into your repertoire, including Ayurvedic-inspired variations on holiday favorites.
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